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Approximately 70 percent of Guatemalans living in rural areas are entrenched in poverty. 

Hope of Life is located in Eastern Guatemala, where severe malnutrition is a result of adverse weather, poor soil, and the global economic turndown. In this area, it is estimated that over 54,000 people go hungry on a daily basis.  With a chronic undernutrition rate of nearly 50%, this makes Guatemala the most undernourished country in Latin American and the fourth highest in the world.

With the funds that are raised we can build homes in Guatemala and dedicate them during the trip in memory of Roscoe Brewer, Doug Achilles and team members who have passed away. The homes will be for impoverished families in great need that you will be able to meet while on the trip. 

All donations will be tax deductible.

Meet one family whose life was changed by receiving a new home:

Rosa's husband died and left her with the responsibility of caring for their 5 children. With no education and no job, Rosa felt hopeless. When a group from World Help was in her village, she approached Claudia and asked if she could come visit where they were living. Someone in the village had given her some land to put up a house made from sticks and strips of plastic. She began to weep as she told of a man coming in one night and trying to rape her 12 year old daughter. She had no way to keep her family safe.

Claudia shared her need with a teenager from Florida who was looking for a project for a club she began at her school.  She and her friends worked hard to raise the funds to provide Rosa and her children a new home. She also found people to sponsor the children which helps with food, school supplies and medical care. Rosa is very thankful for her new home and her children are doing well in school.


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