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Mission Parkside Guatemala

On November 2nd, Hurricane Eta struck Central America, leading to widespread flooding and landslides in its wake. Thousands of people are now without homes, many of whom were already severely impoverished. The loss of life, property, and resources is devastating.

For the past four years, Parkside Pediatrics has partnered with the ministries of World Help and Hope of Life International to care for our adopted Guatemalan village of El Chico, a labor of love that has allowed us to extend our passion for helping vulnerable children beyond just our community. While we are incredibly thankful to know that our precious village was spared significant damage due to its location in the mountains, our partner Hope of Life suffered catastrophic damage from the storm. Seventy-five homes on their property were destroyed, leaving all of those families homeless. They have had to relocate dozens of residents from their homes for special needs children and the elderly due to safety concerns. The clinic that used to provide free medical care to those in need is now in shambles. Massive destruction to the surrounding roads has left them cut off from essential supplies like clean water and food. Their situation is unimaginable.

But we can help. As they work tirelessly to provide shelter, safety, food, water, and medical care for everyone impacted by the storm, Hope of Life’s needs are monumental right now. Please join us at Parkside in our commitment to supporting them.

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